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Lecture 10

SOC 201S Lecture 10: Old Dominion University soc 201S notes chapter 10

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Old Dominion University
SOC 201S

Old Dominion University: 2017 Course code: Soc 201S * Chapters were not go through in order during class * Chapter 10 Social Class Vocab: 1. Life changes, the concept that our likelihood for success is shaped by our access to valued material, social, and cultural resources. 2. Satisfaction, structured ranking of entire groups of people that perpetuates unequal economic rewards and power in a society. ( Strata: refers to a layer of stratification ) 3. Slavery, A system of enforced servitude in which some people are owned by others as property. 4. Caste, A system where boundaries between strata are clear, relations between them are regulated and social status is ascribed. 5. Estate, power divided between the church, the nobility and the commoners. 6. Class, A social ranking based primarily on economic position in ones life. All societies are stratified, but it can take different forms: Slavery Caste Estate Class U.S. class system Upper class Upper middle class Middle class Working class Lower class 7. Social Mobility, Movement of individuals or groups within or between a societys strata 8. Open system, A system of stratification that does allow for social mobility between strata 9. Closed system, A system of stratification that does not allow for social mobility between starta
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