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Lecture 12

SOC 201S Lecture 12: Old Dominion University soc 201S notes chapter 12

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SOC 201S

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Old Dominion University: 2017 Course code: Soc 201S * Chapters were not go through in order during class * Chapter 12 Sex and Gender Vocab : 1. Sex Biological differences between males and females (refers to who we are as males and females) 2. Gender Social and cultural significance we attach to those presumed biological differences (refers to what we become s men and women, which occurs through socialization) Gender-Role socialization Expressions of masculinity and femininity are developed and reinforced through socialization - Boys must be masculine, active aggressive, tough, daring and dominant - Girls must be feminine, soft sweet, emotional and submissive Gender Displays We receive positive and negative feedback based on our gender performance Working out what it means to be feminine and masculine through interactions with others is an ongoing project When we interact with others, we usually display our gender clearly We depend on established cues to recognize someones sex Women Gender Roles: Women continue to face pressure to be thin, beautiful, submissive, sexy and maternal Films, television programs and magazine ads contribute to an idealized image of feminine beauty Unrealistic, idealized image of feminine beauty Study of 20 century childrens books found that women were significantly underrepresented in central roles and in illustrations Feminism is the belief in social economic and political equality for women Men Gender Roles: Stay at home dads remain an unusual phenomenon One of the most powerful expectations for males is to be tough physically and emotionally in sports, work and relationships Nonconformists often face criticism and humiliation Multiple masculinities is the idea that men learn and play a full range of gender roles 3. Standpoint theory- maintains that a complete understanding of social relations must incorporate the perspectives of marginalized voices 4. Intersectionality holds that gender, race, ethnicity and class must not be studied in isolation because they have intermingled effects on our identity, knowledge and outcomes 5. Sexuality denotes our identities and activities as sexual beings Sexuality and Identity 6. Sexual orientation categories or people to whom we are sexually attracted 7. Heterosexual includes those who are sexually attracted to members of the opposite sex 8. Homosexual includes those who are attracted to members of the same sex 9. Bisexual includes those who are attracted to both men and women 10. Transgender people who appear to be biologically one sex but who identify with the gender of another 11. Heteronormativity cultural presupposition that heterosexuality is appropriate standard for sexual ide
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