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Lecture 3

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Animal Sciences
ANS 217

Anatomy 1/22/13 1:00 PM Excretory system • Shared with the reproductive system o Renal system kidneys and ureter  Function: to clean the blood  Kidneys • Paired, lobed, embedded in ribs • Differ from mammals that have a bean shaped kidney, relatively small  Uric acid • Nitrogenous waste, differs from urine, very low water content to conserve water • Less toxic than the materials in urine, so uric acid can be more concentrated • Ureter  Bladder absent • Urodaeum o Center section of the cloaca, uric acid is deposited in the very last part of the digestive tract Circulatory system • Heart, vessels, blood • Heart o 4 chambers  Keeps oxygenated/deoxygenated blood separated  beats faster and moves more blood than mammals  Heavy bird breeds: 250-300bpm  Light breeds: 300-475  Turkeys: 200-300  Canary: 800-1000  Heart very similar to mammals heart • Vessels o Distribute blood • Spleen o Stores RBC • Blood o Plasma  Carries nutrients  Waste  Fluids  Hormones (from endocrine system)  Cells  Red • 2.5-3.5 mill. Cells/mm3  White • 15-35 thou. /mm3  Red blood cells • Nucleated • Hemoglobin O2, CO2 • Survive 20-30 days  White blood cells
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