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Lecture 3

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Animal Sciences
ANS 217

1/22/13 1:00 PM Con’t. Anatomy • Reduced number of bones o Fused phalanges o Smaller fibula  Stresses on bones are different o Vertebral column  Back and pelvis- synsacrum  Skull to atlas- first vertebra  These adaptations increase strength o Ribcage  Uncinate process  Ribcage is partially fused along middle of ribs  Bony projections  Purpose • Gives muscles something to anchor to, keeps things from bending too much • “Process”: bump • Ligament attachment to the next rib back  Bone composition  Increased mineral content • Laying female o Medullary bone  Intermediate bone inside hard bone  Steal the calcium from this for the egg shells  They replenish this when they eat calcium  Limestone, calcium bicarbonate  About 2g of calcium in every egg layed o Keel on the sternum  Flight muscle attachment  Need to have this for the pulling motion for flying • Hollow bones o Bones allow air through, especially long bones  Part of the lungs is actually connected to the bone skeleton o Lungs of a bird don’t expand and contract, much different than mammals o Bones are like a pneumatic (contain air) system, all connected to the respiratory system  Birds also have air sacs throughout the body • Muscular system o Muscle location  Connected in breast, thigh, and drum (tibia)  Have few muscles at the end of limbs  Low center of gravity  Flight o Flight muscles  Pectoralis major  Pectoralis minor (supracoroidius)  Same lo
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