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Lecture 5

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Animal Sciences
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ANS 217

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Neuro Endocrine System & Reproduction 2/7/13 12:57 PM Tuesday: midterm The bird’s biology is regulated by 2 systems • Nervous • Endocrine o Produces hormones Nervous System • Integrates the body’s functions • 3 major sections o Brain o Spinal cord o Ganglia  Some organisms have only this, no brain… • Central nervous system o 2 major sections/functions  Cerebrospinal: voluntary action  Not thought according to consequences, but choices such as foods to eat, etc.  Autonomic: coordinates the involuntary actions  E.g., blood pressure, intestinal motility o Major components  Brain: small, birds are not highly intelligent  Optic lobes: well developed, highly visual • Hearing: acute • Smell? None… • Taste? Poor • The nervous system functions by electrical impulses Endocrine system • Glands secrete a chemical stimulus into the circulatory system to target organs • Exocrine: secretes chemical stimulus via a duct o Does not go into the circulatory system… • Basic glands o Brain  Penial  Located at base of brain • Responds to light • Involved in circadian and circanian (yearly) rhythms • Gonadotrophins o Secretes:  Serotonin: vasoconstriction  Melatonin: behavior  Epinephrine: egg formation  Hypothalamus (master gland)  Major regulatory glad of the body  Produces releasing factors (RF) • Polypeptides o Follicle stimulating o Lutenizing o Corticotropin o Thyroidotropid o Prolactin • Connected to pituitary ant. & post.  Pituitary (hypophysis)  ANTERIOR • Adenohypophysis o FSH; Development of ovarian follicles o TH; Follicle ovulation at stigma o TSH; Stimulates thyroid o ACTH; Stimulates adrenal glan
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