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Lecture 1

AEC 240 Lecture 1: Lecture 1

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Oregon State University
Applied Economics
AEC 240

Rural Economics Lecture 1 452017 o State of rural economy o How do we asses an economys current health? o Rural vs Urban Rural areas are often compared to urban areas The comparison often leaves rural areas coming up short Population change over time guarantees that growing rural areas will become urban Growth=Success, or does it? Tremendous diversity hidden with advantages Small percent of population but a large land area and a large number of jurisdictions making decisions o Why Is the employment growth rate such a commonly used measure for economic development?? o Metro Rural o Nonmetro Urban o Why do we talk about race in this class? Understanding demographic change Hispanic immigration has reversed population decline for some rural areas o Education income The Mexican economy has grown a lot since the 1990s and offers more and better jobs than before More Mexican nationals are leaving the US than entering Mexican farmers are relying on Guatemalan field workers The more educated people become less willing they are to take low skill jobs What is the right level of mechanization? When should we try to protect low skill and low paid jobs? o Percent change = (Year 2 Year 1)(Year 1 x 100)
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