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Lecture 3

ART 264 Lecture 3: Photo lecture three

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ART 264

History of photography lecture 3 4122017 Earliest purposes of photography o BiologyScience Scientific illustrator Anna Atkins, used cyanotype process to create her scientific illustrations o Portraiture 6 minute exposures o Documentary photography o Landscape and travel New process called the wet collodion negative process o Invented in 1851, this process produced a glass negative and sharp image o Could print unlimited number of copies o Became the dominant photo process from 18511890 1860s cartes de visite o 2.5x4 inch portraits posing in a studio holding a prop o Acted kind of like a business card Juliet Margret Cameron o Huge in portraiture o Got a camera from her kids for her 40 birthday Portraits for police purposes o They wanted a portrait and body shot o Alphonse Bertillon developed and standardized police photography Looking at old anthropological and ethnographical photographs o Are there racistgendered depictions in the photos? o Are people collecting images of the exotic? o Is there a presumption that the photos are scientifically neutral? Astronomical photographs o The first attempt at photographing an astronomical object was made by Louis Dagauree o In 1865, New York amateur scientist Lewis Morris Rutherford, obtains amazing images of the moon using specially corrected lenses (290 mm) Lewis Carrol o He took over 3000 images, only 30 or so of them were of children, but they were the most charming o In 1880, Carrol ended his photo career after the dry plate process replaced the wet collodion process he had spent so many years mastering
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