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Lecture 2

KIN 131 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Lzr Racer, Fosbury Flop, Injury Prevention

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KIN 131
Jason Penry

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Biomechanics history
The study of forces and the effects of biomechanics on organisms
Sports exercise biomechanics
Study of forces and their effect on the human body when in motion
The study of human movement
Goals of sports and exercise biomechanics
Performance improvement
Technique improvement (fosbury flop)
Equipment improvement (LZR racer)
Training improvement (deficiency)
Injury prevention and rehabilitation
Techniques to reduce injury (heads-up tackling in football to reduce head injury)
Equipment design to reduce injury (gymnastics vault)
Kin 321 - Biomechanics of human movement
4 credit hours
Typically offered fall and winter
Course description
Integration of physical laws and anatomical structures governing human
Bi 231 and Bi 241, or Bi 331 and Bi 341; Mth 112 or Mth 251
Learning outcome
Physics of the human body
Properties of forces
HUman function with the skeletal system
Apply quantitative biomechanical analysis
Biomechanics in kin
Neuromechanics lab: women’s building
Research areas: prevention of lower extremity injury
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