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BUS 150
Barry O' Brien

Nicholas Casanova Heather Brown Joseph Canavo Group BIntroduction to BusinessDecision period 310022012BizCafe Period 3 DecisionsManagementManagers WagesWeek After the following performance of our managers and staff we as a team have decided not to raise managerial wages However with the added hours on Saturday and Sunday are managers are getting paid an increased amount of 230 for both days The weekly wage also increases from 1400 to 16305 Day Weekly Managerial Pay 1400230 Added Weekend Wages1630 New Pay Amount Being open on the weekend forces us to pay more and we also realize that this negatively affects our weekly expenses We however estimate that the opportunity cost will be beneficial due to the amount of hours we are now openServers With the amount of hours now added due to the opening of our weekend days we realized that we needed to hire additional workers to satisfy the amount needed to
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