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COM 200
Barbra Lerner

Heather BrownSpeech Final Rooms of the White HouseThesis To inform the audience of the functions of various rooms of the White House Intro A Attention Getter Has anybody ever been to Washington DC I have been there twice and once I toured the Capital Building but remained curious about the happenings on the inside of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Whether you have or not Im going to give you insight to what really goes on inside the White House besides that the Fist Family lives there B Statement of topic The functions of the rooms of the White House have changed over time and some have notC Relation to audience We have all learned about American history and know a personal detail or two about at least one of our 44 Presidents D PreviewToday I will inform you about 3 rooms of the White house and their past and present functions Transition First I will start you all off with some facts James Hoban designed the White House and was paid 500 and a section of land by Thomas Jefferson in return The White House has 132 rooms on 6 floors with 412 doors 28 fireplaces 8 staircases and 3 elevators Theodore Roosevelt declared White House the official name in 1901 BodyMajor Idea 1 The East Room
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