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COM 200
Barbra Lerner

Heather Brown Professor Lerner 41213 COMM 200 Extra Credit Mitt Romneys acceptance address for nomination for President of the United States by the Republican National Convention 1Mitt Romneys main purpose and message he was trying to convey was to persuade as well as inform the audience he knows how America should be and has the right ideas for a better futureHe will live up to peoples expectations of him and not let the people down People have worked too hard to be let down Want people to make an informed decision so he tells them about who he is He has the business experience a leader needs unlike ObamaThere were some subliminal messages because he was making points to relate to the voting demographics that the Republican Party doesnt typically do well in As well as voters they do capture to reinforce their decisionsHe was pushing for the female vote showing his respect for women and talking about how half of his cabinet and staff as Governor of Massachusetts He acknowledges how hard his wifes job was raising five sonsHe states that women are mo
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