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Lecture 2

MCA 180 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Edward Bernays, Plaintalk, DominatePremium

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Media And Communication Arts
Course Code
MCA 180

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History and Current Challenges
I. Ancient Beginning
a. Sumeria, Babylonia, Persia – leaders used poems to promote battles and politics
b. Julius Caesar – reports, news and statues to promote achievements
II. Growth of an Industry
a. Publicity Bureau
a.i. Started by Ivy Lee in 1900
a.ii. Lee also wrote the “Declaration of Principles”
b. William Wolf Smith Agency in 1902
c. The Parker and Lee Agency in 1904
d. Edward Bernays writes first book
d.i. Crystallizing Public Opinion
d.ii. Teaches first class
III. War and Public Relations
a. WWI
a.i. Society more familiar with “propaganda”
a.ii. Committee for Public Information
b.i. Office of War Information
c. Vietnam, Iraq 1 and 2, Afghanistan
IV. PR in the New Millennium
a. Multicultural World
a.i. More women working
a.ii. Cultural population changes
b. Demand for Transparency
b.i. Self-reporting – information provided by an actor on its own behaviors
b.ii. Other-reporting – information provided by an actor on other actors’
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