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Lecture 14

PSY 112 Lecture 14: Descriptive ResearchPremium

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PSY 112

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Descriptive Research:
There are several types of descriptive research designed to systematically
investigate a person, group, or patterns of behavior.
A. Archival Research: using existing data from documents & records.
Newspaper clippings
Census documents
College records
o Advantages:
Relatively inexpensive.
Someone’s already collected the basic data.
o Disadvantages:
Data might not be in a form that allows researcher to test a
hypothesis fully.
Info could be incomplete.
Info could’ve been collected haphazardly.
Records w/ necessary info often don’t exist.
B. Naturalistic Observation: investigator observes some naturally
occurring behavior & doesn’t make any changes in the situation.
Researcher simply records occurs.
They make no modification in the situation that is being observed.
o Advantage:
You get a sample of what ppl do in their “natural habit”.
o Disadvantages:
You have the inability to control any the factors of interest.
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