MUSC 024B Lecture 2: Music 24B Notes, 02/27/2017

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Published on 7 Mar 2017
History of Rock Music (Music 24B)
Spring 2017
Instructor: Kyle Luck
Many had different opinions on what “Rock ‘N’ Roll” meant / was
Big Joe Turner - “Shake, rattle, and roll.”
Younger generations are not listening to their parents’ music / artists
“Rock ‘N’ Roll” and “Hip-Hop” got their names from songs
Popular Music - Definitions
Music created w/ commercial success in mind
Popularity measured in #s - how many albums sold, how many #1
Can be compared w/ other styles that differ in intent as well as musical
Popular, Folk, Classical
This definition is problematic bc some music crosses the boundaries of
“Garage bands”, which are similar to folk music
Piano rags by Scott Joplin: “art” or “popular” music?
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