JRN185 Lecture 9: JRN185-Class_9

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29 Apr 2020
JRN - 185
Newspaper Publishing
Who Reads What:
Newspaper Readers Demographics:
The preceding parts on the national newspaper market's three sectors have
concentrated on the qualitative profiles of each sector's names, the markets they
cater for and their performance in that aim
A detailed study of the features of the audience also helps to characterize a
newspaper and marketing departments gather data on a daily basis
Both to inform the publisher about the demographic of their title and to recognize
those who are worth pursuing
May lead to editorial changes, targeting those audiences with different content
Advertisers who are far more reliable targeters than editors are of great interest
The advertiser will base decisions about where to purchase advertising about the
newspaper readers' preferences
The probability that they will be interested in purchasing the advertised product or
BMW makes no ads in the Sun
The National Readership Survey
Regularly surveys a representative sample of 35,000 people a year at a rate of
3,000 a month to include first readership statistics for papers (as opposed to sales
ABC audits publishers' sales figures) and then demographic data on those readers
An independent, non-profit organisation and both marketers and publishers rely
on its methodology and takes the findings very seriously
Following tables will tell us a lot about the average readers of each book
First four include data for the April to September 2007 period on NRS
While women make up the majority of the adult population
Most newspapers have a greater male readership than women
As we have seen above the most financially popular newspaper in the last twenty
years, the one exception is the Daily Mail
The Mail attacks women in many ways, intentionally
The assigned Female and Health sections cater to women
As do the tales of human interest
Lifestyle and 'relationship' that the Mail loves so much about
Paper most influenced by magazines in their approach to subject matter,
presentation and style of narrative writing
Employs magazine authors, and employs features extensively
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