JRN185 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: The Guardian, Japan Radio Network

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29 Apr 2020
JRN - 185
Newspaper Publishing
Local News:
Temple states that at the beginning of the eighteenth century
Local newspaper was almost unknown but well founded by the middle of that
century, with some 130 titles written
Like Berrow's, the early arrival, they carried little local news but focused on
national and foreign affairs, just as the national newspapers were expanding
Local paper was just local in the sense of distributing it locally
Was reversed later
To the present day
With the local (and to a lesser degree regional) press concentrating on their own
A unique selling point for them
Were the only source of genuine local news
This remained the case until the arrival of:
Electronic rivals
Local radio and television have always been regional rather than local
Never sought news from the 'city' that has become the backbone of modern
provincial print media
The end of the 'intelligence taxes' in 1861 sparked the development of the local
press as well as the national press
In the nineteenth century the regional press really aged
By 1854 there were 290 regional newspapers in Manchester with five, and in
Liverpool alone with 12
Established as a weekly in 1821, The Manchester Guardian had the largest
regional circulation of 8,000 copies
Temple documents the provincial press thriving during the mid-Victorian period
There were 18 London-based newspapers and 96 provincial dailies
After the establishment of the Daily Mail in 1896, the birth of a mass national
daily press was to 'wreak havoc on the provincial morning news'
Ownership consolidation started with 'growth in newspaper chains' in the early
part of the twentieth century, and has continued ever since
Competition gave way to the territorial monopolies in broad conurbations
Between the world wars there has been a 'spectacular consolidation of the
regional chains'
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