JRN185 Lecture Notes - Lecture 14: Major Appliance

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Published on 29 Apr 2020
JRN - 185
Newspaper Publishing
Newspaper Ads
Income from advertisement sales is an integral component of the economic model
that underpins newspaper businesses
Only big source of revenue in paid-for newspapers
Apart from that generated from the selling to the paper's buyer
Primary source of free newspapers
That's why advertising departments are a vital part of every newspaper business
Huge sales staff constantly on the phone selling inventory, incentivized by
performance incentives
Price the newspapers will charge for ads is determined by the newspaper's selling
and the readership's demographic 'efficiency'
Amount and value of ads produced is determined by the newspaper pagination
Since Wapping gave management the freedom to increase pagination at will,
pagination has greatly increased
Franklin tracks shifts in pre- and post-Wapping pagination
With the Sun changing, for example, from an average of 32 pages per issue in
1984 to 52 in 1994
The corresponding figures are 28 and 72 for the Guardian, 178 and 362 for the
Sunday Times, and 64 and 220 for the Mail
Newspapers also introduced new sections and magazines
Increased the coverage of sports not only to provide readers with better value and
more incentives to buy
Also to make room for more ads, taking in more money
Why publishers are investing in new printing presses, not only to provide better
Not only to generate extra revenue from contract printing of other publishers'
Also to significantly expand the use of color in a publication
Color advertising costs the advertiser more than black and white
A lot of advertisers are willing to pay the extra for the additional color effects
Newspaper publishers have tariff cards in their titles providing advertisement
They are all subject to much bargaining by media buyers
The advertiser-publisher intermediaries, but the following illustrative rate card
figures offer some insight into what marketers pay for ads
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