JRN185 Lecture Notes - Lecture 15: Peter Wilby, Peanut Butter, Periodontitis

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Published on 29 Apr 2020
JRN - 185
Newspaper Publishing
Health and fitness:
The growth in health news and related lifestyle and wellness reports has been
unprecedented over the past decade
National fascination with our physical wellbeing has risen as quickly as our life
Exploiting fear and the quest for eternal life
Dedicated articles on the subject are given entire pages of the national press while
the news pages are filled with health-related studies
Hypochondria may seem rife
Definitely consumes viewers in the newspapers
There is a competition for the health or medical correspondent
The reporting varies from 'miracle treatments' to nutritional and behavioral
Discussing 'problems' from weight management to sexual performance
Builds from articles published in medical journals, health industry arguments,
fitness gurus 'theories' and the sufferers' personal stories and others who have
triumphed over physical or emotional hardship
The Daily Mail leads the way with a regularly 16 pages long weekly Good Health
Attracts pill ads, snoring and thinning hair remedies, weight-loss, facial and pelvic
muscle control, and hearing aids
Peter Wilby
Former Independent on Sunday editor and now a Guardian press columnist
Looked at one issue of the Mail on a Good Health Day and noticed news stories
about chocolate being healthy for your heart
A diet pill to make you feel full as soon as you start eating
Gum disease to raise the risk of cancer
A third of babies whose parents smoke at home end up in hospital
Find underpants in Good Health Wilby to regulate blood pressure, tree bark to
alleviate arthritis, a herb that can relieve ear infection and peanut butter to avoid
Medical profession is highly critical of journalism in health, worried about
generating false hopes for the chronically ill, raising expectations for new
medications or therapies, and exaggerating recorded 'breakthroughs'
Most noticeable field that reveals the science coverage imperfections, in which
both scientists and journalists have played their part
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