JRN185 Lecture Notes - Lecture 16: Nick Hornby, Rupert Murdoch, Sports Journalism

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Published on 29 Apr 2020
JRN - 185
Newspaper Publishing
No area of newspaper reporting has expanded more in terms of scope than sport
Applies particularly to the serious press
Example: The Premier League and Nick Hornby will presumably take the blame
for both Sky TV and Wapping, along with Rupert Murdoch, which put an end to
pagination restrictions
Classless and a national phenomenon, and in its wake sport in general
From around the globe, Sky Sports televises around the clock
Intellectual reputation was provided by Nick Hornby
BBC Radio 5 Live is devoting most of its evenings, nights and phone-ins to this
No official could afford not to have a football team that he or she 'sponsored' and
sport became the default topic in all parts of society
Despite the inability of sports pages to gain much attention to cover the travel
costs of sending sports reporters across the globe, the newspapers could hardly
opt out
Did opt in
Used to be match reports and statistics, soccer pools, and 'rattling the woodwork'
Now analyzing, images, profiles, data and opinion
Interviewing stars who have nothing to say, speculating on promotions and
organizational shifts, and photography that is of very high quality
Sport has received its own add-ons, mostly 16 or 24 pages wide
Got its own celebrity columnists and entertainment reviewers
Has produced a new breed of professional sportsmen who have become sports
More ambition among journalism students to write about sport than about politics
or wars, and sports journalism courses are being offered now
Sports journalism accounts for some of the finest newspaper coverage
Profoundly intellectual
Reporting of professional sports is now key to success
Big names writers and very thorough reporting
Sport is about imagination and fantasies and at least half the population is getting
them these days
Latest Press Debates:
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