BIOL 1120 Lecture Notes - Lecture 23: Eichhornia Crassipes, Bombardier Beetle, Introduced Species

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31 May 2016
BIO 1120
Unit V
Chapter 56: Community Ecology
I. Vocabulary
A. _________ - a place where an organism lives
1. Characterized by distinctive physical and chemical features.
2. Also characterized by vegetation and other species living in it.
B. ______________ - an association of interacting populations of different
species living in a particular habitat.
C. __________ – the role a species plays in an ecosystem.
II. Symbiotic Relationships
A. __________ – is where species closely interact with each other for most of
their lives (3 types ):
B. _____________ - a symbiotic relationship where both species benefit.
1. Mycorrhiza and plant roots
2. Rhizobium bacteria and legumes
3. Intestinal microflora and higher animals
4. Oxpeckers and rhinos
http:/ / a /image /g 0008 /u00007091/i003
C. _______________ – a symbiotic relationship where one species benefits
and the other is unaffected.
1. Remoras and sharks – remora benefits, shark unaffected.
http: / / w w w .un /content /1709/gallery_main.jpg
2. Egrets and cattle – Egrets benefit, cattle unaffected.
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%20םילגע %20 copy.jpg
D. ____________ - a symbiotic relationship where one species benefits and
the other (_______) is harmed.
1. Parasites in the environment
a. Tapeworms
b. Hookworms
c. Heartworms
2. Parasites as biological control agents
a. Milky spore – to control grub worms in the soil.
b. Brachonid & Ichnumonid parasitic wasps – to control certain
https: / / b u gw /i mages /768x512/1323021.jpg
http:/ / w w w p-
content / uploads /2012 /06 /Parasitic-wasp- eggs-on-hornworm1.jpg
III. Competitive Interactions
A. __________________
1. Competition within a population of the same species
2. _______________________________ and may result in depletion of a
B. _____________________
1. Competition between populations of different species.
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