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African Studies
AFR 110
Stacy Silver

Soc 030 02/18/13 Class 15 Project 2 – Personal interviews – Instructions on angel – 1 Part is due March 1 st – Pick a topic from class – Pick a topic that interests you, and that you can be objective about Sexuality – 2 readings Sex is Social – All of our beliefs, attitudes, etc. are shaped by the dominant culture (social environment) – Sexual behavior is all around us, but there is no teaching on it, no one talks about it (in the US) – Cultures vary on their opinions about it – This is called social construction – Everything about sexuality is defined by our culture (ideas can change across time and place) Hooking Up – One of the many socially constructed approaches to sex – College level culture has defined it as something that some people do in college (about half) – Ahook up is: anything from kissing to intercourse between people who are not dating each
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