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Pennsylvania State University
African Studies
AFR 110
Stacy Silver

Soc 030 03/11/13 Class 20 1) Drifting vs. Deciding 2) Engaged vs. all others 3) Selection into cohabitation 4) Experience of cohabitation Why get a tattoo? – Group membership – Honor someone – Artistic value – Friends / group – Recognize or commemorate an important day – Look / toughness – Addiction Why drop out of college? – Finding yourself – Bad fit / work instead – Can't afford it – Physical problems / drugs / alcohol – Health issues – Family death – Better alternatives Similarities between the two – Honor the dead – Personal expression / bad fit – Friends are doing it Cohabitation doesn't cause divorce or low marital quality (there is a 3 variable) Selection into cohabitating – The selection explanation: it comes from the characteristics of the person – The personal characteristics lead a person to cohabit or divorce – Cohabitation does not cause divorce – Tree analogy (person's characteristics are the root, divorce and cohabitation are the two branches) What kinds of characteristics lead to higher divorce rates? – Divorced parents, because we haven't seen our parents manage conflicts – Having non traditional life attitudes (taking chances that are outside of societal norms) – Less religious – Supporting the idea of divorce – Lower income and education – Having partners that are different from each other (heterogomy) –
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