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Pennsylvania State University
African Studies
AFR 110
Stacy Silver

Soc 030 03/18/13 Class 23 Functioning Marriage → Functioning Families → Functioning Society Cultures have a lot invested in marriage, because it leads to a better functioning society – If two poor people get married, they can combine their resources and use less money from the government – Generally kids do better with married parents – Fewer behavior problems / school problems – Grow up into better circumstances – Less people in jail in the future (jail costs about $35,000 a year per person) Covenant Marriage – An option to get either a regular marriage or a covenant marriage – Marriage as a Chinese finger trap – In Louisiana and Oklahoma (in the 80s) – They had to agree to certain things – Premarital counseling – Agree to seek counseling if arguments arise – Have to wait a year before they can get divorced Beliefs about marriage in the US are socially constructed – Changes over time – Changes in different cultures Interracial Marriage Laws – Before 1965 no one would be in an interracial relationship – It was illegal
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