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ANTH 009

Anthropology 009 Professor Bondar Date: / / . Egypt I. Nile River A. Seasons 1. Annual flood season: akhet i. July – October ( up to 30 in of flooding) 2. Growing season: peret i. November – February 3. Dry season: shemu i. March – June Date: / / . II. First State: 3100 B.C. A. Unification of Upper and Lower Egypt B. Hierakleopolis- Narmer’s Capitol 1. Pallette of Narmer C. Horus the Falcon God (Narmer’s patron God) 1. Re or Ra (the Sun disk) 2. After death, royal Ka (spirit) followed Horus through the sky and helped pull the sun across it D. Osiris- Favored son of Horus; Lord of the after life Sons of E. Seth- Jealous brother of Osiris; kills him, chops him up, and throws him in Horus . the Nile River F. Isis- Wife of Osiris; Depicted as a bird; Collects pieces of Osiris, puts him back together, and brings him back to life G. Anubis- Jackal headed God of embalmment; weighed heart against a feather (good people had light hearts; bad people had heavy hearts) H. Thoth- Ibis headed God of scribes and writing 1. Ankh- Symbol of everlasting life 2. Cartouche- Name of a king 3. Papyrus- Reeds used to make paper-like material ~  1 ~ Anthropology 009 Professor Bondar Date: / / . i. Hieroglyphics- (means sacred writing) Writing used for rituals; Seen in tombs and temples ii. Hieratic- Script written on a limestone slab called an ostracon; Used for everyday writing 4. Rosetta Stone (part of an obelisk) i. Ancient Egyptian ii. Demotic iii. Greek iv. Constructed by Pharaoh Ptolemy V III. Archaic Period: 3100-2675 B.C. A. Dynasties 1 & 2 B. Burial at Abydos 1. First royal cemetery 2. Burial in mastabas IV. Old Kingdom: 2675-2190 B.C. A. Pyramids B. King Djoser (ruled ~29 years) 1. Saqqara: Step pyramid ~2650 B.C. i. Oldest pyramid & building made out of stone brick V. Khufu & Khafre A. Giza: Great Pyramid and Sphinx Date: / / . B. Corbelled Arch C. Canopic jars 1. Made out of alabaster 2. One for each organ except the heart which is wrapped and put back inside the body (home of Ka or spirit) 3. Those found in later tombs are solid with nothing inside (symbolic) D. Shaptii ~  2 ~ Anthropology 009 Professor Bondar Date: / / . 1. Small representations of servants and/or lawyers (important for the afterlife) 2. Made out of Fuiance (cheap but classy) E. Sphinx 1. Body of a lion with the head of a man 2. Made of solid rock F. Menkaure VI. First Intermediate Period (2190-2040 B.C.) A. De
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