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Pennsylvania State University
Art History
ART H 201
Jennifer Cochran- Anderson

Surrena Cochran Anderson ART H 201 Fall 2013 Ancient Roman Urbanism Focus on military architecture: defensive and offensive warfare enclosing wall--> fortified grid planning for it's practicality, not necessarily for prevention of its invaders Plan of the forum, Pompeii, Italy, founded 6th century BCE. Remained untouched since 1st cent. Taken over by the Romans in 80 BCE Organic plan 160 acres Walls are oval, not square Mt. Vetruvius is 6 miles away from the base August 24th, 79 CE: eruption (consumed with ash) Minor earthquakes Wealthy left; poorer and slaves remained and died Date of Volkanai: celebrate Volkanai: god of fire 60ft of ash and pumous "Lost City" 62 CE: large earthquake Temple of Apollo, Pompeii, Italy, c. 6th century BCE.; reconstructed after 62 CE. earthquake original foundations of Greeks shows how popular the cult of Apollo is shows both original and renovations 2 distinct columns white: ionic column fluted: stucco with corinthian Colorful temple Streets of Pompeii, Pompeii, Italy, c. 6th century BCE. Surface is intricate Polygonal block on pounded earth in pebble beds Curves which created sidewalks Steps that prevented the filth of the streets Ancient Rome: a city which was constructed in a vertical manner many fora because each emperor wanted to leave his mark Forum Romanum, Rome, beginning 8th century BCE. Oldest forum in Rome Monuments (Temples, shrines, royal family residences Arch de triomphe de Constantine) Commerce, governm
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