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Chinese CultureAssignment Chinese 2 These are a series of videos of how to act in a Chinese banquet. • ep.1: v=f1xglfNEEzk&list=PL368A45B29D69F8BB&index=2 • ep.2: v=nLSWT1XDDyU&list=PL368A45B29D69F8BB • ep.3: v=EPFItScO5nw&list=PL368A45B29D69F8BB • ep.4: v=Q8v_AVLFuXM&list=PL368A45B29D69F8BB • ep.5: (review) eiQCQ&list=PL368A45B29D69F8BB This is a short essay on how to act in China and how their culture is different from the culture of the United States. In the first episode, the speaker talked about the arrival at the restaurant and some tips. Most banquets are at the private rooms with their own individual names so it is important to know the name of the room if you are arriving alone. When the host greets you, you should smile and make eye contact; also using a little Chinese as a foreigner would get you points or on the good side of the host. When the host asks you to sit down, you should wait until the host sits down first. The main host always sits across from the door, facing the door and second main host would be closest to the door; the main guest on the right and the second main guest on the left of the host. In the second episode, the speaker talks about the food. Whenever the host asked the guests what they would like to eat, the guests should just say whatever the host like because even though the host is asking the guest what dishes they would like, the host already has all the dishes planned out. Two important things to remember when it comes to food would be always wait for the host to get the food first before taking some for yourself and always take a look around before spinning the lazy susan.Also another big thing would be always accept the food offered to you even if you are afraid to eat it and never leave your chopsticks down with your plate empty for a long time because the host will take it as you are unhappy with the dish
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