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Lecture 7

CAMS 045 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Masculinity, Olive Oil, Amazonomachy

4 pages101 viewsFall 2016

Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies
Course Code
CAMS 045
Stephen Wheeler

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● Birth
Homeric hymn 28; theogony
Zeus mated with Metis
Goddess of wisdom
Zeus swallowed her while she was still with child because he was afraid the child
would overthrow him
Zeus then had a splitting headache
Hephaestus opens head with axe
Athena is born in full array
Prowess in battle
Skilled in strategy and tactics of war
Goddess of the citadel (acropolis)
High part of city
Associated with Nike, goddess of victory
Armed warrior
○ Helmet
○ Aegis
Invincible covering
Stare that startles the enemy
Surrounded by snakes
○ Shield
○ Spear
Masculinity of virgin nature
● Attributes
“Gray eyed”
○ Owl
Olive tree
○ Snake
■ Chthonic
Woman’s deity
Goddess of weaving
Spinning thread
■ Loom
Arete “excellence of a women”
Cunning and resourceful
Cult Center
Patron deity of athens and attica
Famous temple in athens
Athena parthenos
The parthenon
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