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COMM 100
Matt Mc Allister

I. ADVERTISING A. Continued 1. The fourth group, Advertising Agency is very important. This creative group deals with print ads, web ads, market research, media planning and media buying. 2. Media planning is deciding where you are going to put the ad. What kind of media you are going to use, how long and often you are going to view the ad. 3. The Advertising agency is deciding to use newspaper ads LESS, hurting the newspapers. Internet is the winner when it comes to media planning. 4. Media buying is working directly with the client and companies. Bigger companies own their own advertising agencies as well as use others. 5. #1 Advertising Agency is Epsilon (a digital agency). If the ad agency is named after a person, it is a very old company that uses old ways. If the name is something new, it is digital. The Top US AD Agencies are split between digital and old companies. On this list, the top four own their own ad agencies. 6. IMC stands for Integrated Marketing Communications. This is taking the functions of measured media and unmeasured media and combining them. 7. The top global ad agencies stress the IMC. They want to do it all, a “full service” corp. B. Government 1. The fifth and last group is the government. 2. The FCC regulate the ads on broadcast. The FTC, Federal Trade Commission regulates all forms of advertising. 3. If you think the ad is misleading or false, you wri
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