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COMM 100
Matt Mc Allister

I. CONTINUING A. Super Blockbuster Mentality 1. What makes a movie a good movie? The movie should have sequel potential such as Harry Potter, Star Wars etc. 2. These movies have many fantasy characters with fantasy settings. 3. These movies are usually PG or PG13. 4. These movies usually have big name actors or directors involve, with high budgets, with trailers showing during popular shows, like the Super Bowl. 5. These movies are considered “high concept” High concept means that they were considered B movies (remember low budget, quickly made) and now are A movies ( high quality, very expensive). Another names for these are “popcorn movies”. 6. The jump from B movies to A movies is the change between a Mogul to a Market Tyranny. An exampled discussed in class was the movie Jaws. In earlier years, Jaws was considered a B movie, that only came out in summer, but now it is a huge hit. B. Inflation with Early Movies 1. The cost of a dollar was less expensive than it is today. 2. In the earlier years, the films were mainly about historical fiction, unlike the Top Domestic movies. These movies were made mostly for adults. 3. The directors of these movies only wanted to create “Oscar” winning movies. 4. The movie Star Wars changed how children played
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