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COMM 100
Matt Mc Allister

I. FILM REVENUE A. Continued 1. A way the film industry gets revenue is international revenue, showing films outside the US. 2. Another way is the after market revenue. This is DVD, streaming, etc. As of today home consumption is more that box office sales. 3. Movies being in 3D is a big aspect why ticket sales increased over the years. 4. We are seeing less and less movies in theaters, but why then are they producing more movie screens? It has to do with publication of the film. Opening weekend is the biggest week to advertise for the film. More popular you make the film, the more people, so the more screens you need to fit all the people. II. ADVERTISING A. Ways to Think about Advertising. 1. Advertising is seen as a symbol system. This is how we experience ads. 2. Advertising appears in all forms of media, newspaper, TV, mags etc. 3. Advertising is seen as a funding system. Much of our media we see today is funded through advertising. B. The Basic Framework of the Advertising Industry 1. We said there are 5 categories in the ad industry. 2. The first group is the audience/consumers. We as a whole are unorganized and isolated from each other. The advertisers want us to give up our money. 3. Advertisers target college age peopl
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