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Matt Mc Allister

I. MOVIES A. Preamble 1. The technology was developed in the 1900’s. 2. In the early years of movies, they did not have music. There was a band to accompany the movie. 3. The movies were in black and white. 4. The timing of the movies was a bit off. There were many jerky motions and scratchy. 5. There was only one camera angle. There were no zoom ins and outs, making movies very short, only using on reel of film. 6. The actors were very simplistic. Their actions were over-emphasized. 7. There were no credits or billings before or after the movie. II. THE RISE AND FALL OF THE HOLLYWOOD STUDIO SYSTEMS. A. The Very Early Film Industry. 1895-1915 1. The characteristics of the film industries included the films were very visual and without words. 2. Film was also location based. People were able to take newspapers and magazines home, but the movie you couldn’t. So the theater was built in the cities. 3. One of the first areas was NYC. The exhibition factor was focused in the cities. 4. The audience for the theaters was unique. For magazines and newspapers, you needed to know how to read English, this was mainly the rich. Now for the movies, all you needed to do was watch the actions, so the audience for the movies was focused more toward the lower class (lower class was usually the working immigrants who didn’t know how to read or speak English yet) 5. The exhibitions of the movies were nickelodeons. These theaters cost 5cents to go in a watch multiple unknown films. 6. In the late 1800’s, the MPPC, Motion Picture Patent Company was est
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