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COMM 118
Arin Ash

9/3 T I. LAST WEEK A. Recap 1. OSORO Model brings orientation to the table of experimenting. 2. Mediation is the differences in personalities and the in between differences among the tested groups. 3. Moderation is the different responses you get from the people being tested. II. EXAMPLES A. Example 1 1. Example 1 was the reading we read on ANGEL. 2. It involved a first-player game with a high stress environment. 3. The other model was a low stress game when the individual was a tourist in a unknown city. 4. On average, players like the higher stressful game better, presence not a moderating factor. B. Example 2 1. Example 2 was dealing with suspense as well, but with a narrative outgo. 2. This said that different narrative structures cause different levels of stress. 3. Linear structure put the outcome of the narrative at the end. 4. Reversal structure put the outcome at the beginning. 5. Inverted structure put the outcome in the middle. 6. The Linear structure tested to be the one that was most suspense throughout the narrative. C. Example 3 1. Example 3 tested the suspense of a basketball game. 2. This test wanted to prove the enjoyment and suspense of close games. 3. The outcome was said that the games that the scores were closer for a longer period of time was seen as the most enjoyable and the most suspenseful. III. REQUIREMENTS OF SCIENCE A. What You Must Have 1. In order to test, your idea must be logical. Does it make sense? 2. Your idea must be deterministic. Will it prove something? All the studies must be
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