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COMM 118
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9-19-13 R I. IS IT ADDICTION? A.Media “addiction” 1. Media addiction is described as compulsive. 2. Some critics argue the word “addiction” is too strong of a word. 3. Another word for addiction is “problematic use”. B. Wood 2008 1. In 2008, Wood did studies within this field. 2. He said that games that involved skill were seen as addictive. 3. For instance, there is no way to get better a slot machine, its all by luck, but you can develop a skill while playing video games. 4. Maybe you are playing the video game a lot due to a death of a close relative. C.Hovarth 2004 1. Hovarth did a study on TV addiction. 2. Some reasons for over watching TV were “ you missed it”, “you should be spending more time with your family” , “you lost track of time”. D.Young 1998 1. Young did a study with addiction and Internet. 2. She also found the same results as Wood and Hovarth 3. People responded with “feeling depressed”, “let grades suffer from Internet”, “always wanting the Internet, never wanting to leave”. E. Lemmens 2009 1. Lemmens did a game study in 2009. 2. He asked why the gamers played so much as they did. 3. His study came out with the same result as the other scientists before him. II. MEDIA COVERAGE A. What is media coverage? 1. Media coverage is the same as addiction. Tests were done to see how affected people are by video games and social media 2. Kim & Haridakis did a study in 2009 and found that intrusion, escape, and attachment were the 3 main factors of this form of addiction. 3. Weinstein did a video game study in 2010, using former ecstasy users as the patients. 4. He was suggesting that games could satisfy the brain the way ecstasy use does. 5. His study was shown to be correct. B. Reward
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