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COMM 150
Matthew Jordan

Comm 150 9/06/12 Class 4 Modern Times (Charlie Chaplin): – Chaplin begins with an ironic commentary on the constitutional ideal of the “pursuit of happiness.” – The factory and machinery dominates the workers Stock Characters – The tramp – The gamin – The big boss – Big bill – The sheriff – Chaplin's comedy is based on exaggerating characteristics so as to draw attention to them The Human and the Machine – Chaplin has human needs (swat a fly, scratch and itch), but when he does, it slows production of the factory. – He takes a break to go to the bathroom and smoke, but his boss sees and makes him go back to work. – Chaplin is criticizing the machines in their various forms. – Management is always watching and discipling any form of humanity or relaxation. – Mechanized voice (The big boss) “barks orders” The feeding machine – The machine is designed to streamline the most human thing in the comedies, eating. – Most of the Tramp's motivation comes from hunger. – It's sold for it's efficiency, not for humanity The radio – Scene where they are in the prison and the drink the tea that makes their stomachs make weird noises – He turns on the radio to drown out the sound “if you are suffering from gastritis...” – Then he turns it off because he doesn't want to listen to the radio announcements Situational Ethics – Scene where the girl stea
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