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COMM 150
Matthew Jordan

Comm 150 10/04/12 Class 10 On the Waterfront Spaces: Dark, closed in feeling, fire escapes, you can never see the whole way through Music: foreboding, almost frantic and the scene builds toward Joey being pushed off the roof – Only Terry (the main character) seems to care about what has been done – Charlie is Terry's brother (Charlie is a bad guy in the gang) – Kazan (producer) thought that Marlon Brando was perfect for the part (Terry) because he had the right kind of ambivalence in him. – Tough on outside, but tender inside – Actions and choices = consequences – The film presents opposing sides (good guys and bad guys) and Terry has to decide which one to be on – Edie Doyle (blonde girl): good side (innocent, not corrupted) – Johnny Friendly: bad guy (boss in charge of the gang) – Gang forces people to be D and D (deaf and dumb). They can't say anything and they “don't hear anything.” Pigeons – Used as a parallel to the people who tend them – Caged by their surroundings – Frightened by hawks Father Barry (the priest guy) – Held meetings, gave advice, advised the workers to strike and rebel against the Nazi warlords – Said kids could either j
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