class 15 - The Graduate post Film

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Pennsylvania State University
COMM 150
Matthew Jordan

Comm 150 10/25/12 Class 15 The Graduate: Post Film Plastics, Suburbia and Coming of Age What now? – Original screenplay began with Benjamin having an anxiety dream where he's giving a graduation speech and his notes blow off the podium I want it to be different – “Hello darkness my old friend.” - sound of silence – Song is used as a liet motif several times in the film – Ben feels hes entering a world that isn't his choice – Visual symbol of water (fish tank and pool) One word: Plastics – His father is concerned with him disappointing his friends – People talking without speaking – Ben is in search of meaning – His father negates his desire to be different – Fake plastic dreams – Hand held camera that follows him closely in an extreme close up – It conveys Ben's restlessness – Kinetic movement of camera give the audience an anxious feeling Women – Too much make up – Too much alcohol – Mrs. Robinson, Ben's mother and other women have the same hair style – Mrs. Robinson is alienated by this meaningless existence Men – Drink first, talk later attitude – They all want leisure time – Don't care about growing up – Afuture of “plastics” (plastic dreams) is what Ben is afraid of “I'm sort of disturbed about things” – Highlighting the internal psychological state – Returns to the water theme Symbols of the house – Has a castle like facade with shows overprotection Inside the house – Most scenes take place at the huge bar – Bar is decorated but not very homy (kind of cold) – Dominance of home in suburbs Mrs. Robinson – Alcoholic – Life based on leisure – It creates boredom – She is aggressive and predatory – The room looks like a jungle – She is weari
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