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COMM 150
Matthew Jordan

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Comm 150 11/08/12 Class 19 Network – Post Film Lecture – Begins with a situation that speaks to economic changes in the industry Satire – Form of storytelling that employs irony – Irony:Ause of language where the applied meaning is exactly the opposite of the literal meaning – Forces audience to look at things differently – Irony can be used for conservative or liberal purposes Characters – Howard Beale – Max Shumacher – Diana Christensen – Frank Hackett – Nelson Chaney – Arthur Jensen – Cheyefsky was thinking about the build up to the Gary Gilmore execution and how that had driven ratings – The idea of news and film drawing people in just for the ratings – Blood and guts films Conflict – Drawn from real life – Also drawn from Capra's John Doe – Frank Hackett is wearing a tuxedo to show his aspirations for his class – He only cares about what will make them more money Diana – She just wants to get good ratings – She
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