class 21 - Ganster Films

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Pennsylvania State University
COMM 150
Matthew Jordan

Comm 150 11/15/12 Class 21 Three Genres – Gangster Film: negative image of theAmerican dream – Film Noir: Noir of the universe of questionable morality – Biopic: factually something that was on the slide Intro – The content is so horrifying that the words don't seem to fit with it – Scene establishes retroactive temporality of the narrative time – Narrative convention: Sunset Boulevard and Double Indemnity Elements in the film – The neighborhood dynamic with its poverty and harsheness – The development of the working ethic – The desire to escape from this class condition (no money, small house, etc) – Intact nostalgia, associated with biopic for romantic childhood – Justification for narrators later chosen way of life – “Everyone takes a beating” – Communitarian belongingness vs. family disapproval – Father's objection to his life choice is passed off as stemming from other causes Freeze Frame Scenes – Acknowledges an emotional change – Was a moment that was significant – Links his childhood and his violent gangster universe Jimmy – Economic re-distribution – Respect, business / success Graduation – Henry now believes that there is no such thing as crime – He thinks everyone else chooses the life for suckers – Learns not to obey
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