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COMM 150
Matthew Jordan

Comm 150 12/06/12 Class 25 Fight Club Post Film Lecture It works both ways – Extended flashback – Told the story of how they got to this point – Where Tyler is about to blow up the buildings holding the gun in the narrator's (Jack's) mouth Atale of two crises – Consumer identity – Describing what we do to express ourselves Jack's worthless life – Liability specialist – Calculates the financial risk of consumer suits against a car company that knows its products are dangerous – The only meaning in his life is what he owns Walled off – Jack cannot for intimate bonds – He is separated from meaningful relationships – He can't feel anything emotional Remaining Men Together – Bob, the former muscle man body builder – Now he has man boobs – Recognizes the crisis of masculinity – Jack learns to disassociate, so he can have feelings What does Marla represent? – She can let things slide, a
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