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Comm 19020 November 2013Quest 3Compare and contrast the potential negative effects of game addiction with the potential positive effects of healthbased games Game Addiction can be consider a major issue when it comes to a persons health but at the same time video games are far more stimulating for the body than any argued detrimental effects Most modern video games have a high focus on helping people that are the average hardcore gamer as well as noobs learn more about their health and help keep them physically active A big example of this would be the Xbox Kinect Playstation Move and Wii Fit Not to mention all modern games that have a lot of graphic action now have a health warning before the game informing the users to not play if they are prone to seizures and or any other health issuesMany people believe that video games benefit a persons health far more than it hurts ones health For instance Danny Gallagher author of the 7 Health Benefits of Playing Video Games makes several valid points First Video games are therapeutic for children with chronic illnesses Gallagher arguesKids who played certain games including one designed just for the study showed signs of improvement in resilience empowerment and a fighting spirit Researchers believe the games ability to act on neuronal mechanisms that activate positive
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