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Lecture 2

CMPSC 122 Lecture 2: Unix Notes 2

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Computer Science
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Jun Fukuyama

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Unix Chapter 3 - Naming Files: o Maximum of 255 words o Not important topic - Creating Files: o We create files with Unix text editor Not important o Direct output to file Not important o Touch command - Important Create a file using a touch command touch (file name).txt - Unix text editor o Ed: edit text o Vi: visual editing mode - Important o Vim: vi improved o Pico: pine composer use this command to edit files - Important o Nano: more features use this command to also edit files - Important - Reading Files o Cat: short for concatenate use this command to read long files, and join files together Important o More: lets you read one line of a text each time. You click space to continue. Doesnt let you go back one page o Less: use this command to entire files rather than one line at a time. Allows you to go backward and forward Less -m (file name).txt shows progress of page number with percentages Less -n (file name).txt shows line numbers - Creating directories: o Mkdir use this command to make a directory Important - Renaming files: o Mv use this command Mv options: -n: no overwriting -f: force overwriting -i: interactive overwriting Gives user a warning or option -v: verbose gives reporting information
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