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Pennsylvania State University
Comparative Literature
Charlotte Eubanks

Day 22 Cuba: Misericordia Ester – her daughter; sassy and rude “the vegetable” – her mother; (named vegetable because she was brain dead, can’t take care of herself) Armando – her husband; not really around, a cheater Natural element: Sun – her source of energy Ocean – her freedom Note: dog – she mixed glass with meat and feeds it to the dog, the narrator absorbs misery from her family, while the dogs absorbing the misery from her Dreaming in Cuban Jorge – Celia’s husband, (complains a lot) El Lider – (image of Fidel Castro) third children of Celia and Jorge; closer to his mother, sharing her support for the revolution, socialism. Also known as Javier del Pino Celia – a strong supporter of the revolution, socialism Pilar – granddaughter of Celia (cultural bridge between of Cuba and America) santera – Cuban version of voodoo Assata She had problems with the term mulatto Mulatto - (not in technical use) the offspring of one white parent and one black parent Question 1: Each of the three represents a different perspective on Cuba. Can you identify where these three texts might be coming from and what perspective they want to give of Cuba and Cubans on and off the island? What are some context clues for deciding this?
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