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CRIM 425
Timothy Robicheaux

Crim 425 01/15/14 Class 1 Pirates Prohibition − There was probably alcohol abuse − This time period may have been the start of organized crime Academia − Someone writes about a topic and pretends that they discovered it − Darwin: wrote about evolution − B.F. Skinner (made rats and pigeons press bars to get food) − Positive reinforcement: rewarding someone for a certain behavior Privateers: Rules of Seizure − Pirate and Enemy ships − Pay: share of plunder − Pay was dependent upon: − Opportunity: pirates didn't always see someone every day b/c they were out on the open seas − Need: Not every ship had things that the pirates wanted.Also, after they have a raid and get a bunch of supplies and money, they go back to land to spend it − Morals: Two groups are doing the exact same thing, but one group is doing it legally and the other group is doing it illegally − Privateers had to give a lot of their money to the gov't, but pirates didn't Captain Kidd –
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