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ENGL 015
Jonathan Lehtonen

1. Argument = discover facts while Persuade = known facts • forensic argument = arguments of the past • not all arguments main focus is on winning 2. A rhetorical analysis is an analysis that uses evidence to persuade an audience to a view 3. I thinking about a statement about the existence of God 4. Rhetoric focuses on the producer of language (speaker, writers, and artists) and the receiver of language (symbols, images) Key Ideas: ● Rhetorical Situation/Exigence - Relevance/ Demand/ Problem; opportunity to make a change with language ● Rhetorical Purpose - Argue a point, but persuade a person ● Forum - locate or medium of communication ● Fitting Response ○ Appropriate content, style/tone, timeliness ○ Answer the exigence ○ Appropriate medium/ forum Video notes ● Intellectual (ethos = character, credibility), statistics (evidence) ● Logos (word/ reason/ evidence) ● Tone - Modulate, Bold, Calm ● Pathos (slavery comment) Background: • effective writing anticipates, shapes and satisfies a reader’s need for information Grammar vs. Rhetoric • Phrase - Participial phrase, present participle, past participle • Clause - Subj
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