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Intro to Crit reading and Major Themes

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ENGL 200
Iyunolu Osagie

Intro to Crit reading and Major ThemesTuesday January 14 20141250 PMTerms notes theories articles etc from class and readings The idea of theory is that it is seen as a passionate contemplation The issue with many views of theory is that its related to seeing rather than doing thought versus praxis whereas in reality they should be supporting each other theory What we think A tool that will help us uncover and unveil our society by forcing us to examine differing schools of thought Things are not as natural or selfevident as they might seem Theory is trying to find out the reality of what something is knocking down the walls on perceived reality and challenging it to find the truth praxis How a theory idea etc is enacted practiced and undertaken Things are constantly subject to interpretation oftentimes context plays a large role beliefs stereotypes etc all contribute to how we view an event Theory takes social phenomena baggage info and uses it to understand and express meaning Theory is always happening regardless of the situation difference Things are
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