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The Chaneysville Incident

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ENGL 200
Iyunolu Osagie

The Chaneysville IncidentWednesday January 22 2014905 AMThe Racial Contract will be used on Monday and must be integrated into the discussion involving The Chaneysville Incident Denial Shlomo BreznitzThe Denial of Stress Ch10The Seven kinds of Denial denial The suspension of belief usually in awareness of the truth In many ways it can be selfdeception In the chapter it talks about how denial usually shows up in the form of someone trying to run away from threatening information The first question is is it threatening right now If the answer is yes the followup is can I cope If you CAN cope the next thing that must be repressed is emotion Denial of emotion is the denial of affect Ultimately it is a defense mechanism utilized to protect us in this case from information and overload rather than a physical threat In the case of The Chaneysville Incident we are dealing with a paradoxical form of denial where it is both beneficial and harmful Chapter 1 Some scholars believe the 9 segments represent the 9 months of pregnancy in The Chaneysville Incident p1 On March 3 1979 at 1130 the wire represents a human showing personification The wire is alive but only if one pays attention There must be active engagement in order to find this information This mirrors our protagonist who only gets things if hes paying attention to the details around him In the same way us readers must see things that may not be there on the surface while we read the book p3 John wants to see Jack the old man who is very sick His girlfriend questions this as she did not know Jack was a real man suggesting that John had spoken of Jack in such a way it came across as fantastical or exaggerated Fact and fiction play a large role in the story as a whole
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