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The Racial Contract

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ENGL 200
Iyunolu Osagie

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The Racial ContractThursday January 30 2014849 PMChapter 1 The Racial Contract is political moral and epistemological the Racial Contract is real and economically in determining who gets what the Racial Contract is an exploitation contract The political contract is the origins of the government and our obligation to it People realized that they could further their individual status through social agreements Government takes a small amount of individual freedom away in order to boost not only society but the individuals capabilities in that society Many documents such as the Declaration of Independence are based upon these ideals and most men believe that great power distance racism segregation among other octal issues are all minor set backs on the way to the ideal society This in essence is the Social Contract In The Racial Contract Dr Mills believes that this Social Contract is pure fiction it only worked for a subset of people in this case Western European derived people Essentially when it was written that all men are created equal it never intended for black people to be included in this that the very basis of the social contract relied on putting those not included in the agreement between two or more people down for the gain of those few
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