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Roland Barthes

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ENGL 200
Iyunolu Osagie

Roland BarthesTuesday March 4 2014501 PMThe Death of the Author The main point of the essay is to address the difficulty of knowing the authors text In Barthes opinion the author dies we shall never know what the intention of the author was and ultimately its not important Its all about the context and the interpretation of the decoder or the receiver of the work Essentially we are removing ourselves from the authorship and working to rewrite from our own perspective the authors words are simply a canvas for that interpretation Next week ask Why havent more authors given written interpretations to the receivers of the written wordWe must kill the author in order to take an open look at the text we are absorbing Essentially as long as you keep the context of the writer around you cannot see the many different meanings and will simply look at the one viewpoint Now when we remove the author
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