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Barthes - Pt. 2

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Pennsylvania State University
ENGL 200
Iyunolu Osagie

BarthesFrom Work to TextMonday March 17 2014908 AMThe text is the idea and the work is the tangible part the production The 1production exists outside of time If there is no work there can be no text The work is the physical between the covers the production is the act of the crafting The text is experienced only in the activity of the productionText is what you make it and it cannot be contained easily to one specific genre 2It is always paradoxical It goes beyond the doxa the perceived opinion and is openThe text is always symbolic because how it is perceived by the reader is dynamic 3and not static The work is an object of a literal science or it something to be sought out Text is infinite to the possibility of meanings There is no final signifier in a text one can substitute one signifier for another the metanymn It is always in the process of being signified but never arrives thereThe text is plural and irreducible and is never interpreted the exact same way by 4every reader It gives a single meaning often but everyone may have a different reception between that meaning It is intertextual in that one must use the accumulated knowledge of other texts in order to fully grasp the concepts of the cur
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