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ENGL 200
Iyunolu Osagie

Hayden WhiteFreudWednesday March 19 2014939 AMThe breakthrough essay by Hayden talks about how the greatest historical works that have been written are fiction You dont get meaning from facts you bring meaning TO facts We IMBUE the meaning into the written form of history History is a series of eventsfacts free from language and language seeks to put it into an understandable form for mental consumption To that end the written form of a fact effects how it is interpreted thus making it fiction in a loose regard We call this Metahistory Metahistory Going beyond the facts to communicate something that makes sense History has a contingent nature It is not just the form of history that is invented even the content is partially invented Meaning changes with the shape that you give Emplotment When historicalaccurate facts become part of the plot Ultimately the history inevitable falls under the plot structures that exist they are generic and shared by audiences and historians due to the participation depending on the culture History is mediative We are told what direction to think about an event The historian is the mediator between facts and how we get there to that end they must manipulate the delivery to evoke the intended emotion Sigmund Freu
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